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Gifted and Talented Program

Mission Statement

The MUSD Gifted Program’s mission is to offer a broad base of experiences to identified students.  By providing qualitatively differentiated curriculum, this program facilitates the growth of students as independent, life-long learners, with the development of skills, concepts and positive attitudes within the cognitive, emotional and social domains. A major goal of the curriculum should be the teaching and practice of the thinking skills at all levels of the hierarchy. 


Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of the MUSD Gifted Program is to meet the diversified cognitive, emotional, and social needs of talented and gifted students regardless of gender, ethnic origin, socioeconomic status, or physical ability.
Since there are great differences among students’ abilities, special educational provisions are often necessary for those students whose needs cannot adequately be met through the standard curriculum. This program is intended to create an environment in which deliberate efforts are made to recognize students’ emerging strengths, talents, and interests and then nurture them through appropriate and challenging educational experiences. 


Arizona Definition of Gifted and Talented

Arizona Revised Statute §15-779 defines a gifted child as "any child of lawful school age who displays superior intellect, advanced learning ability or both and who needs special instruction and services to reach appropriate levels of achievement."

The Arizona Department of Education's Gifted Education webpage has more information.


Gifted Identification Process

Referrals for gifted testing, for children from kindergarten through twelfth grade, come from teachers, parents, and students.  Maricopa Unified makes testing available for students throughout the year and students may only test once during each calendar year.

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) will be offered in the 2018 – 2019 school year September 4th through September 14th and March 4th through March 15th at the student's home school.

A parent must complete an evaluation and consent form prior to testing. Parent Evaluation and Consent form.

Parent evaluation and consent forms for Spring CogAT testing are due August 27th to your child's home school site or you can email forms to Zoe Redfern at

To qualify for the program students must score in the 97% percentile of the CogAT assessment in one or more ability (Verbal, Quantitative, or Nonverbal).



 Gifted and Talented Education Program

Maricopa Unified School District recognizes that each student is a unique individual with different abilities, interests, and learning styles. The school division further believes the ultimate goal of education is to provide each student with the skills and knowledge that will enable him/her to aspire to the highest level of achievement in his/her chosen endeavors. It also recognizes that gifted students are endowed.

  • With a combination of cognitive abilities that enable them to advance farther and faster in knowledge acquisition and production of new knowledge than the majority of  students;
  • With creativity that enables them to be fluent, flexible, elaborate, and original thinkers and producers;
  • With task commitment which challenges them to set and achieve goals.

K-2 Services

Once students are identified, they will be monitored by the Gifted Department and support services will be implemented in the general education classroom.

3-5 Services

Students will be serviced at Saddleback by a Gifted Certified Teacher. They will be transported to Saddleback one or two days a week for extension activities that are project-based in a class setting.

Secondary Services                               

Students will be monitored by the Gifted Department and support services will be implemented in the general education classes.





Gretchen Brown

Director of Multiple Projects

Maricopa Unified School District 20

44120 W. Maricopa Casa-Grande Hwy.

Maricopa AZ 85138

Office: 520-568-5100 Ext. 1009


Zoe Redfern

Elementary Gifted Teacher

Saddleback Elementary

18600 North Porter Road

Maricopa, AZ 85138

(520) 568-6110 Ext. 2435

44150 W. Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy | Maricopa, AZ 85138 | (520) 568-5100

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